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The partnership or local sponsorship in UAE is contracted as per the Article 10 (1) of the Federal Law No. 2 of 2015, which states that every UAE national entering into an agreement of a local partnership with a foreign investor shall hold at least 51 percent of the shares in the company. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you need to share the income, profits, and loss that are incurred by the company. Local sponsorship in UAE also can be contracted your terms through an Investor right protection contract.

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Local sponsorhip from a UAE national is one of the essential foundations of starting a business in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE.
You need a local sponsor to comply with the UAE commercial companies law.  Moreover, having a local sponsorship in UAE allows you to take advantage of the exclusive benefits of setting up a limited liability company.

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Finding a local partner is one of the crucial aspect of setting up business in UAE, It may be challenging for a beginner, Let’s talk help you achieve this by finding the suitable local sponsorship whether is it is a local individual sponsorship or corporate sponsorship. Contact us now to know more about Local sponsorships and company licenses and registration.


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