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A UAE business visa is part of the Golden Visa system under which foreigners can obtain a long-term visa for themselves and their dependents. It aims to create an attractive environment for businesses and the UAE’s economic growth.

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  1. Tax-free environment for investor visa holders. There are virtually no taxes, both for foreigners with visas and for locals. Besides, the UAE has signed more than 70 double tax treaties with different countries. Thus, having this visa, you are not obliged to pay any taxes at all.
  2. Developed infrastructure. Despite the fact that the UAE has such a tax regime, as in the classic offshore heavens, expats with an investor visa do not feel a lack of anything. High-quality goods and services transport and communications, free access to all the benefits of Dubai are at the service of a visa holder.
  3. Security and stability. There are no riots, revolutions, and other negative phenomena In the UAE, typical for the EU countries and the USA. Besides, the crime rate in Dubai and other Emirates is almost zero. You can feel free to walk around the city at night. Those who have committed a crime lose their visa and are deported.
  4. Reliable legal protection for foreigners with investor visas. Those who have an investor visa in Dubai have almost the same opportunities as the UAE citizens. If the rights of a visa holder are violated, this person can turn to a local court.

Professionals from any country with entrepreneurial experience are eligible to apply for the business visa. An eligible entrepreneur is anyone who has set up a business of his own at some point in his career, and wishes to do so again in the UAE.


To obtain the business applicants, you must:

  • be able to substantiate your experience as an entrepreneur
  • have been a majority shareholder of a start-up or a member of its senior leadership
  • be willing to relocate to the UAE and legally establish a business in one of the seven emirates
  • have a business idea or a business plan that you wish to bring to life in the UAE.


In addition, applicants must successfully pass the requirements of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, including a background check and health assessment.

In order to apply for a business visa, you will need to have your nomination approved by an incubator supported by the UAE government. Once your nomination has been approved, you will be invited to apply for the visa through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

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Once your nomination has been approved, you will be invited to complete the application for the visa. Once completed, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to receive your visa.

 If you are residing outside the UAE, you will be given a six-month visa to enter the UAE, explore the opportunities and settle. Before your temporary visa expires, you will be required to convert it into the residency permit.

 If you are currently residing in the UAE, you will be given a temporary one-month visa, and will be required to convert it into the residency permit before it expires.


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